Tatiana Whitlock is a firearms instructor, hunter, and outdoors enthusiast residing in the majestic state of Maine.

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Tatiana works with men, women and youth to establish a real-world foundation of firearm skills, safety and situational awareness. A lifelong interest in martial arts resulted in the inevitable introduction to firearms as a means of self and home protection. She is a dedicated student as well as an instructor and travels to peruse training across the country with top names in the industry. As a mother of two, Tatiana takes the safety of her family seriously and knows that in a worst-case scenario the first responder on the scene is, her. The training that she offers to families and individuals brings the home defense and concealed carriers training mindset out of the square range and into the context of daily life. Tatiana is a NRA BPI, RSO and Refuse to Be a Victim instructor in addition to being a featured host & instructor on Trigger Time TV airing on the Pursuits Channel. Tatiana is COO of Michigan based GAT Marketing, a firearms industry marketing agency, as well as Director of Training at Howell’s Indoor Range and Shooting Academy in Gray, Maine. She is a contributing author for numerous industry publications and the NRA Women’s Network.